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Sonic Rush  

from GameStop, Sunnyside

4721 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside, NY 11104 | (718) 383-0560
* Sonic pairs up with a partner. Play as either Sonic The Hedgehog or Blaze the Cat - queen of a different world and protector of the ?Sol Emeralds?. * Parallel universes collide. Journey with Sonic and Blaze on two separate adventures that intertwine. The storylines and outcomes will differ keeping you in suspense for double the fun! * Boss battles! The challenge is ?touch ?n go? with Bosses charging you from all directions and now on two screens! * A new arch nemesis threatens the world. Dr. Eggman times two! Beware! * Fully utilizes Dual Screens. Long steep dives across both top and bottom screens, super high jumps, huge loops and more! * 2D and 3D action for graphic depth and intense gameplay * Touch Screen technology for added entertainment * Wireless play: 1 - 4P Chao Mode ? Up to 4 players can compete for the best time in Chao racing mode or play 2P Battle Mode - play as either Sonic or Blaze for an amazing race?Sonic style!
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