Premium Chopped Alfalfa/Timothy 40 Lb. at Orscheln Farm & Home in Shenandoah, IA | Tuggl

Premium Chopped Alfalfa/Timothy 40 Lb.

Standlee Premium Western ForageĀ® Premium Chopped Alfalfa/Timothy 40 Lb. is manufactured by cutting Standlee Premium Western ForageĀ® into uniform 2-4 in. pieces. A small amount of canola oil is added to the chopped forage to control any potential dust. This mix combines two of the most popular forages fed to horses in a blend that is moderate to low in protein and sugar. Chopped Alfalfa/Timothy is recommended for growing horses (moderate to rapid growth), underweight horses, performance horses, mares in late pregnancy and lactating, breeding stallions, senior horses, horses with sensitivity to carbohydrates and horses with gastric ulcers. It is low in carbohydrates, highly palatable and easy to feed and store. Chopped Alfalfa/Timothy can be mixed with grains to lengthen time to feed and is ideal for delivery of medication.

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